Precision Engineering - Turning, Miling & More

At Anglian Pumping Services we proudly offer a wide selection of precision engineered components and processes. Our machining department is of major importance, given that it enables us to provide a comprehensive one-stop precision engineering service.

Our engineers and state-of-the-art technology means we can offer the following services:


The lathes can manage the smallest pieces up to large shafts and equipment in all industries. They do so by causing the workpiece to be held securely and rotated by the lathe whilst the tool cuts through to create the required shape.


Vertical milling is carried out from basic keyways and other requirements as per the customer’s needs. A vertical miller is used to shape metals such as mild steel and aluminium, as well as plastics including nylon and Perspex. Not only is the machinery very powerful it is incredibly accurate and precise.


This can be carried out as a preparation or finishing process. Precision production grinding includes all normal grinding processes such as cylindrical, surface, bore and centreless grinding, in small and large quantities.

Metal spraying

Can be used to rebuild worn moveable parts, bearings, seatings, housings, shafts, impellers, zinc, alloy, stainless steel, bronze, high carbon steel, copper and more.

Surface coating

Within our workshops we use the SuperJet sprayfuse system to coat a base material to provide better corrosion performance, wear resistance or improve structural properties.

Dynamic balancing

At APS we have an in-house balancing capability with a dimensional capacity up to 3000mm. Excessive vibration in all kinds of rotating machinery can create unbearable levels of noise and also greatly reduce the lifespan of shaft bearings. The process of reducing the out-of-kilter forces that cause unnecessary levels of vibration is called balancing.