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If you’re not familiar with water pumping technology, you may not realise how widespread pumps are. In fact, you use water pumps every day of your life, even if you don’t realise it.

We offer an enormous range of water pumps because they are used for an incredible variety of purposes. We’re proud to provide these vital pieces of apparatus to customers across the UK. That’s why, in today’s blog, we’d like to examine some of the ways in which day-to-day life is dependent on water pumps.

Heating and hot water

It might be surprising, but a high proportion of heating systems rely heavily on water pumps. Many radiators utilise circulating pumps that move hot water through the device’s pipes, thereby allowing the device to achieve the desired temperature. These circulating pumps are often also used to provide hot water to your taps. Whenever you use a non-electric radiator or turn on your hot tap, you’re probably using a circulating pump. If the pump in your radiator or hot water system needs to be replaced, why not contact us today?

Getting water into your home

Water pumps aren’t just used to circulate water around your home’s pipes: they are also integral to helping water reach your home. Water has to reach individual houses from a main supply or reserve via an enormously complex system of pipes. Obviously, this system has to use pumps to keep water moving and ensure that it reaches you the moment you need it.


Sprinklers and garden irrigation devices use water pumps to ensure that water reaches your garden at the right pressure and in the right quantities. If you’re passionate about gardening, you’ve probably used a water pump at some point without realising it.

Here at Anglian Pumping Services, we provide every type of pump from circulatory pumps for radiators to submersible pumps that can quickly move large quantities of water.

You already use pumps every day of your life, so why not visit our product pages and find out how our pumps can improve your life even more?