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The filtration and purification of water is essentially the process of removing the biological contaminants and unwanted chemicals, with the aim of producing water fit to use however you see fit.

Water filtration system

There are numerous methods for water filtration, each with their own varying degrees of effectiveness and costs. Whether you require filtration and purification for human consumption or other chemical and industrial applications, at Anglian Pumping Services we work with you to selectively remove potentially dangerous contaminants from your water, whilst retaining the healthy mineral deposits of purified water that you come to expect..

Our water filtration systems can help promote healthy living, with products that are effective at filtering out the toxins, whilst retaining the beneficial minerals that are vital to our health such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and more.

With our round-the-clock service you can put your faith in Anglian Pumping Services’ mobile engineers to provide you with a comprehensive range of high-quality water filtration products designed to treat specific problem areas and improve your quality of life.

Our treatment for domestic and commercial water guarantees a luxurious feel of soft water that you desire both at home and in your place of work. Water filtration can also work to neutralise the aggressive nature of water in your area to an acceptable level.

For more detailed information about our water filtration techniques and what they can do for you please get in contact with a member of our sales team today on 01473 719950 or drop us a line at info@anglianpumping.com.

Water filtration system
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