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If left neglected over a period of time it is also common for wells to lose water capacity as well as experience issues with regards to water quality.

The majority of these water quality problems are a consequence of deposited material on the surface of water environments, from rock surfaces and gravel packs to well screens.

Subsequently wells and aquifers lose their efficiency resulting in reduced capacity and water quality and bacterial issues with discoloration, poor taste and malodour.

Reduced well capacity is an issue that comes with age for most wells, with older wells requiring renovation and rehabilitation treatments on a more frequent basis. That is where we come in, here at Anglian Pumping Services.

What can we do for you?

Effective well renovation, to enable the re-usage of a domestic or light commercial well, requires the removal of all deposited material within the well, enabling capacity and pore volume to be restored to its previous state.

The most successful methods for well renovation are those that successfully identify plugging material within the well and have a treatment that completely dissolves the material and removes any previous blockage.

Although at Anglian Pumping Services we drill to a great depth below the water table for any borehole or well, allowing for seasonal fluctuations and potential droughts, it is the material and residue that creates a bottleneck, which builds up over time within an unused well.

Let us renovate your well back to full health. Wells and boreholes are very much back on the front pages now, what with parts of the UK having experienced water shortages and hosepipe bans in recent months. With the ability to supply all necessary water for domestic and light commercial use, it makes sound economic sense to restore your well to working ways.

For more detailed information about our water filtration techniques and what they can do for you please get in contact with a member of our sales team today on 01473 719950 or drop us a line at info@anglianpumping.com.

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