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The majority of our customers are private individuals who need to invest in a pump or water filtration system for personal use. However, our pumps are powerful and reliable enough to be used by small businesses and professionals. If you run a small business or work as a contractor in a practical professional, you may wish to consider investing in a water pump.

But which types of businesses and contractors can utilise water pumps? As surprising as it may seem, a huge variety of professionals and small businesses need water pumps. In today’s blog, we’ll look at some of the most common examples:

Home repair and renovation

Water pumps (such as submersible pumps) can be invaluable when renovating old buildings or repairing damage in more contemporary ones. They can be used to remove water that has built up over the course of the year, been deposited by flooding or simply spilled from a broken pipe.

If you invest in a water pump, you and your small business’s employees will be able to tackle any water-related challenges involved in repairing or renovating a structure. You can’t fix or reinvent a flooded building until the water has been removed, so if you work in home repair or renovation, it’s always advisable to own a water pump.

Camp sites and outdoor activity businesses

Do you own a camp site or run a business that offers outdoor activities? If so, it’s very important to keep your site or land dry enough for customers to use. After intense rain, fields, camp sites and other outdoor areas can become excessively muddy and almost unusable. Investing in a powerful pump that can be used to remove surface water after heavy rain is a great way to avoid this problem.


If you own a landscaping business or work as a freelance landscaper, you definitely need to invest in a water pump. Water pumps can be very useful if you need to divert or move water in order to radically alter large areas of land.

Here at Anglian Pumping Services, we pride ourselves on the versatility and power of our pumps. They can be used by businesses, contractors and private individuals equally. If you run a business a work as a contractor, why not check out our range of water pumps today?