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DAB Esybox Mini 3

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Features and benefits

  • NEW 3-rotor model ensures further noise reduction and energy consumption
  • NEW Wireless software updating
  • Thanks to inverter technology, E.SYBOX MINI³ draws the energy necessary according to the water requirements
  • Maximum working pressure 5.5 bar
  • Maximum flow 80 litres per minute, maximum head 55m
  • Versatile installation, vertical, horizontal or wall mounted, virtually anywhere in the home
  • Efficient absorption of vibrations means the system is the quietest running booster pump of its kind on the market – 45db(A) at one metre
  • The ESYBOX MINI³ is just 439mm high, 263mm wide and 236mm deep
  • Easy maintenance thanks to technical compartment, which allows access to the air vessel loading valve and non-return valve

Our best-selling DAB ESYBOX MINI 3 has been updated to include an all new 3-rotor system to ensure further reductions of noise and energy consumption, and now also features wireless software updates.

The DAB ESYBOX MINI 3 electronic cold water booster pump is a WRAS approved* one box solution for water pressure boosting applications from DAB. The DAB ESYBOX MINI 3 can increase pressure to taps, showers, appliances, garden taps and for water from rainwater harvesting systems.

The ESYBOX MINI 3 consists of a self-priming multi-stage pump, electronics for control and management, pressure and flow sensors, a high-resolution LCD orientable display and an integrated one-litre expansion vessel. Please note: the ESYBOX MINI 3cannot be connected directly to the mains water supply, it must be connected to a suitable break tank.