Accumulator Vessels

Accumulators - Low Water Flow Applications

Water pressure and flow is not constant and demand during busy morning and evening periods may reduce water pressure in the mains network. Accumulators help solve this issue by holding water volumes under static/resting pressure.

No matter what the pressure is in the mains network, the plumbing of the water pipes from the road to inside your home may substantially reduce that pressure and flow by the time it gets to your taps.

Imagine a tennis ball leaving the racket, The further the ball travels, the slower and less power it has. The air resistance is slowing the ball. The ball is the water and the air your water pipes so you can see the longer the run, the less power. With an accumulator we store all the power at point of use i.e. the ball power just after if leaves the racket head. The significant increase is easy to understand.

Properties that have a shared supply are more likely to experience low water pressure and flows especially in peak times.

If your mains pressure isn’t above 2 bar static/resting we also recommend a pressure boosting pump to bring this up to 3 to 4 bar.

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