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Grundfos Home Booster

Grundfos 4.5 BAR Home Booster 240V MD450200

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Grundfos 4.5 Bar Home Booster Set MD450200

The Grundfos Home Booster has been developed to provide a compact and cost-effective solution. It’s is self-contained and its neat size makes it ideal for a range of domestic installations where space is at a premium.

The Grundfos 4.5 Bar Home Booster Set has been designed for use in most domestic properties where exisiting mains water supply is inadequate to meet the required demands of pressurised hot and cold systems. For use in properties with 1-2 standard bathrooms which contain standard fittings. For properties with 4-5 occupants or where the storage tank fills slowly an additional 180 litre slave water storage tank can been added to increase the stored capacty.

The Grundfos 4.5 Bar Home Booster has a high quality stainless steel single pump to deliver high effiency and sustained performance. The pump is electronically controlled by the PM2 pressure manager on/off controller. The PM2 has indicators for pressure, pump status and fault, and a reset button. The PM2 also protects the pump against loss of water, and if the pump becomes air locked or is seized. An 8 litre pressure vessel is incorporated into the unit to maintain pressure while the pump is off to prevent unnecessary starts due to small draw-offs.

Complete with an integral 200L capacity (180L useable capacity) the cold water storage tank is fitted with an type AB Air Gap, low level float . The home booster comes as a packaged unit ready for installation and with WRAS Approved Components in accordance with Water Byelaws regulations.

Another important plus is that installation is straight forward – just requiring connection of mains cold water supply, discharge pipe, overflow pipe and electrical connections. Sets are typically installed on a solid base which is both level and flat in a utility room or a garage. It is not recommended to fit the Home Booster in a loft/attic space.

Designed and developed by Grundfos Pumps specifically to meet the demands of the UK market, these Home Booster units are built in the UK and they have proven themselves in the field for the past 10 years.

Typical Operating Duties

The 4.5 Bar Home Booster can operate upto a maximum of 5.6 Bar pressure and is fitted with a CM 3-6 I pump.

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