Grundfos Home Booster

Grundfos 3.0 Bar Home Booster Set MD300200

The Grundfos Home Booster cold water booster set is designed for use in domestic and light commercial premises for pressure boosting where the existing water supply is insufficient to meet the demand requirements.The Home Booster is suitable for most domestic properties with one or two standard bathrooms with standard fittings, or en-suite, and cloakroom, plus other normal household appliances.

Installation is basic, with mains cold water, discharge pipework and electrical connections to be made.

The 3.0 Bar Home Booster is a single pump booster set with integral 200L capacity (180L useable capacity) cold water storage tank fitted with a low level float and PM2 pressure manager.  The 3.0 Bar Home Booster can operate upto 3.6 Bar pressure and is fitted with a CM 3-4 I pump.

Two or more units can be operated together as part of a modular solution giving larger capacity and a standby pump.

A 180L Slave Tank is available to use in conjunction with the Home Booster set.