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Daro UV Indicator Lotion 200ml x 6 Bottles STMMI000

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Daro UV Indicator Lotion 200ml x 6 Bottles

The UV Indicator Lotion is visible when placed under a UV lamp, ideal for training in handwashing techniques.

• Apply a small amount of the lotion (to represent bacteria) onto the hands and rub in evenly all over, similar to applying hand cream.
• Look at the hands under the UV light in the Hand Inspection Cabinet to show up the imitation bacteria.
• Wash hands as normal.
• Dry hands well and place them under the UV again – see what areas have been missed, if any.
• If areas have been missed, wash hands again using the guide on the adjacent page, dry hands and re-check under the UV light.
• When none of the UV Indicator Lotion is visible, a good hand wash has been achieved.

Common areas where the lotion is not washed off during the first wash include fingernails, thumbs, between fingers, back of hands, around plasters, bandages and jewellery such as rings, wristwatches and bracelets.

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