ABS MF154-334 Pumps

MF324 KS-W01*10-PM Auto 230V

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ABS MF324 WKS Submersible pump with 10m cable, single phase.
Brand- Sulzer
SKU- MF324WKS-1399127
Model- MF324 KS-W01*10-PM Auto
Manufacturer's Part Number- 01399127
Power Supply- 240V 1~ 50Hz
kW Rating- 0.54
IP Rating- IP68
Cable Length- 10m
Max Flow Rate- 4 l/sec
Variable Speed- No
Max Head- 10 m
Solids Handling- 30mm
Outlet Connection- 1 1/2" Threaded
Rotational Speed- 2900
Pump Technology Type- Centrifugal Impeller Pump