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Grundfos AP-B 400v Pumps

AP 35B.50.08.3V 96468193

Our Price £898.33 Inc Vat £748.61 Ex Vat

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  • Established 1975
  • Trusted by thousands of customers

Grundfos are known throughout the drainage world for their high quality construction and easy-to-use products.  The AP series is one of their most popular, offering the ability to be installed both temporary or permanently, and also on a free-standing basis.

The company’s ethos of using high quality materials and construction is in evidence throughout the units, which are created using mostly stainless steel.  A composite baseplate is then added, which is itself perfectly optimised to suit both freestanding and auto-coupled connection.  Also included within the units are a clip on strainer designed to prevent large particles from entering and a ring at the base designed to prevent dirt from sticking to the clips.

Easy-to-install, the units rarely require maintenance or servicing, with the quality Grundfos materials renowned for their long-term reliability.  Having created the popular MAGNA and KP series of pumps, the company are known for producing materials of genuine quality.  Any investment in a Grundfos product saves you having to worry about maintenance issues further down the line.

The Grundfos AP 400v pump can be installed either with or without a float switch, so that the pumps can work both automatically or manually, depending on your preference.  This allows it to be compatible with a wide range of different drainage systems.

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