Grundfos Shower Amazon Negative

Grundfos STN-1.5B 1.5bar Amazon Brass Negative Head Shower Pump 96787503

Grundfos STN-1.5 B is a premium brass shower pump with universal head and 2 impellers, designed and manufactured to the highest standards.

The shower pump is continuously rated as a regenerative pump making it equipped to overcome air pockets and ideal where the plumbing route includes multiple bends and elbows.

This shower pump ensures high performance, long durability and is suitable for domestic, commercial or light industrial use to boost shower pressure up to 4 bar. The shower pump is used for boosting both hot and cold water to single showers, multiple showers or whole house boosting where the outlets are above or below the cold-water tank. The shower pump is characterized as heavy-duty and it relies upon brass impellers and machined brass stampings for improved durability and high performance. The pump is supplied with a stainless steel, flexible and braided connection hose making it resistant to corrosion. Anti-vibration feet and long-life silicon carbide seals ensure that the operating noise is held at a minimum.

The shower pump has built-in thermal protection, which immediately stops the pump motor if it overheats. The shower pump is a WRAS approved product and as such the whole product has undergone and passed extensive mechanical and water quality testing. Additionally, this pump is a regenerative pump making it equipped to overcome air pockets