ABS MF354-804 Pumps


ABS MF354 W01*10-PM Manual, 230V 

The MF354 W01-10-PM from ABS comes as a compact submersible pumps with large solids passage for the reliable and effective dewatering of buildings and sites


  • Filling and emptying of containers to the drainage of flooded cellars and removal of rainwater.
  • Suitable for use in septic tanks and pumping effluent from locations below the backwash level in accordance with EN 12056.
  • The compact shape of the MF, fittings for easy mounting, and small sump requirements ensure a quick and cost-effective installation of the pump.
  • Maximum allowable temperature is 40 °C, or short term up to 60 °C (max. 5 minutes).


  • Vortex hydraulics for blockage-free pumping in critical applications.
  • Mechanical and lip seals on rotor shaft.
  • Thermal sensors to protect motor against overheating.
  • KS version with float switch for automatic level control.
  • EasyFit plug-in cable connection.
  • Single-phase fitted with Schuko plug; three-phase with CEE plug.