ABS Coronada Pumps

ABS Coronada 250W 230v manual


TThe Coronada 250 W from ABS comes as a plug-in, stainless steel submersible pump for the removal of wastewater containing solids up to 10 mm, in accordance with EN 12050-2.


The Coronada 250 W has been designed for fixed or transportable installation, and for internal or external applications such as emptying containers and drainage pits, draining of swimming pools or flooded cellars, and removal of nuisance water from gullies or pedestrian underpasses.



  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel housing and hydraulics.
  • Built-in checkvalve in the discharge outlet blocks return-flow from the discharge line when the pump is switched off.
  • Ready for immediate use with discharge connection by pipe (threaded) or hose (detachable adaptor).
  • KS version with float switch for automatic level control.
  • Thermal sensors in motor to protect against overheating.
  • Robust, plastic carrying handle.