Salamander AccuBoost Unpumped

AccuBoost will provide a solution in properties where the current mains water supply is unable to meet demand. Ideal for use with combination boilers or unvented systems where there is poor pressure and flow.

Our range of accumulator tanks store water at pressure, when an outlet is opened the water from the tank is released providing additional flow to the mains supply. 

AccuBoost unpumped variants are suitable for properties with a minimum flow rate above 12 litres per minute and/or the static pressure is above 2.0 bar, but additonal water flow is needed in addition to the mains flow. If the flow rate/static pressure is unknown, select a pumped model. 

  • Lightweight, composite material
  • Supplied as one unit ready to install
  • Link multiple tanks together for additional capacity
  • One person lift (ACC-060, ACC-120)
  • 3 year warranty