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Groundfos PM1 Pressure Manager

Grundfos PM2 96848738

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Grundfos Pressure Managers

The PM2 AD is a pressure manager for use with the Grundfos JP5 and JP6 booster pumps,CM pumps and SQ 3" borehole pumps.

The PM2 is th all round control solution offering adjustable start 1.5 to 5.5bar. This enables customisation to different types of installations and desired comfort level.

The start pressure is set by means of DIP switches located behind the control panel whereas the current pressure is indicated on the LED display on the front of the PM2. The PM2 starts the pump when the start pressure is reached and the pump keeps running as long as there is a flow.

The PM 2 can be optimised for operation with a external pressure tank by enabling the 1 bar differential function. The function significantly reduces the number of operting hours of the pump installations with pressure tank.


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