Flygt BIBO Pumps

Flygt BIBO BS 2071 LT 3kW 211 impeller 20m cable

Flygt Bibo pumps save you time, every time. Portable, robust and reliable, they’ll take on the toughest dewatering tasks anywhere you need them.

Operating submerged they don’t need complicated installation or dedicated superstructures: just lower the pump into a pit and switch on the power. It’s that quick and easy. And with very little maintenance required, time is not the only thing that a Flygt Bibo can save.

The first Flygt Bibo pump was launched in 1947. The unique design made it the world’s first submersible dewatering pump – a revolutionary concept that meant quieter operation, no dry-mounting superstructure or special housing and no long mechanical shafts. And the design has been continuously improved and refined ever since, with new and specialist models being introduced to tackle the toughest of tasks in the most hostile environments.