How To Choose The Perfect Shower Pump

Everyone loves a powerful and invigorating shower to kick-start their day. But if your home suffers from low water pressure, you could be left with a disappointingly slow flow. An efficient water boosting pump can turn a small dribble into a powerful shower.

If you have recently fitted a great new shower but are not feeling the benefits as you have low water pressure, a shower pump can easily solve the problem. If your home had great pressure before fitting your new shower, it could be because the pipes have become damaged. Unfortunately, this is common with poor workmanship. If the work caused any bends or blockages in the pipes leading into the bathroom, the pressure can be reduced.

There are many homes across the UK which suffer from low water pressure. If you live in a small housing estate you are probably all served by the same water supply system. You could be the unlucky person to be situated at the end of the pipes, resulting in a poor pressure within your home. If you live on a hill, at the top of a block of flats or in a very tall home you could also be affected by low water pressure.

There are pumps designed to increase the flow speed of water through the entirety of your home's plumbing system. It doesn't just provide a benefit to the shower, the whole house can easily feel the improvement.

Here at Anglian Pumping, we stock a range of water boosting pumps to improve the pressure of the water across your whole home.

Our accumulator boost tanks are a quick solution, they can be fitted without the need for a cold water break tank and meet all UK water regulations.

The APS house booster range includes a useful 220-litre tank, which means a pump does not need to be connected to the main supply feed. It is important to remember that if you have a mains pressure system you are not allowed to add a pump directly to the supply.

If you have any questions about which pump would suit your home's water system and its requirements, please call us on 01473 719950