3 Signs That You Need To Replace Your Water Filtration System

Water filtration systems can help to make the water you drink healthier. They can also be used to remove impurities from well water or borehole water so that it can be used for outdoor cleaning and other purposes.

The best water filtration systems (such as the ones we provide) can last for years. However, it’s important to know when to replace your system.

If you already own a water filtration system, there are several signs that you can look for. We’ll take a close look at these signs in today’s blog entry.

1. Scent

Water that has been improperly filtered can often take on a peculiar and unpleasant smell. This smell usually indicates that the filter has become dirty, clogged or inefficient and that the water is unsuitable for drinking and other purposes.

If your filtration system produces water with a strange odour, you may need to repair it, replace a part or replace the whole system. If making repairs and replacing parts doesn’t fix the problems, it’s definitely time to invest in a new system.

2. Contents

You may be able to see small pieces of scale, dirt or debris in water that hasn’t been fully filtered. If this occurs, it may indicate that your filtration system needs to be replaced.

Of course, you should check to make sure that there isn’t an easily-corrected fault with your system before replacing the whole thing. However, once you have assured yourself that the fault in your filtration system isn’t easily fixable, you should invest in a new one as soon as possible. Don’t drink or use water that still has dirt and debris in it!

3. Sound

A water filter that is reaching the end of its life may start to sound laboured, just like an aged water pump. If your water filter starts to sound strained, it’s time to consider getting a replacement before it breaks down completely.

Here at Anglian Pumping Services, we offer a broad range of water filtration systems in different sizes that can be used for different purposes. If your current filtration system is approaching the end of its life, why not check out our range today?

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