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We aim to make sure all the water pumps we sell are as safe as possible. In fact, we are proud of our track-record when it comes to providing safe and reliable equipment.

Nonetheless, water pumps are often very powerful pieces of equipment. It’s therefore important to take basic safety precautions when operating any pump.

In today’s blog entry, we’d like to give you some basic, easy-to-follow safety tips so that you can confidently use any pump in a responsible and risk-free way.

1. Wherever possible, keep your pump away from walls and obstructions

It is highly inadvisable to leave any pump in a confined space where heat can build up. You should also avoid leaving it against walls or other obstructions that may prevent it from expelling heat effectively. This is because powerful pump engines can generate a lot of heat.

This heat needs to be allowed to dissipate safely. If it isn’t, the pump can become a fire hazard. Simply ensuring that your pump is kept out of confined spaces and other areas where it might overheat can prevent this problem however.

2. Switch off a pump if it becomes overheated

If a pump does start to overheat while you are using it, turn it off and allow it to return to a safe temperature before you resume pumping with it. This simple precaution can drastically reduce the risk of a pump becoming a fire hazard.

3. Don’t pump substances that your pump isn’t designed to cope with

Pumps can break and become hazardous if you try to use them to pump substances they weren’t designed to handle. Acids, corrosive substances and flammable substances should never be pumped using an ordinary water pump. You should also make sure that you don’t try to pump any substance that is more viscous than your pump can handle. If in doubt, refrain from pumping.

4. Finally, never ignore the manual

Every pump is different and needs to be used differently. You should always read the manual before using any pump to ensure that you operate it correctly and safely. Even if you’ve used a water pump before, you can’t assume that you know how to use every pump that’s available. Always read the instructions!

At Anglian Pumping Services we aim to provide safe, trustworthy pumps. By following the instructions in today’s blog, you can avoid any unnecessary risks.

If you are unsure of anything then don’t be afraid to give us a call on 01473 719950 for some expert advice.