BBC Borehole Pumps 230v

30/60M 1.5kW 230v

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Pump Selection -

0.37kW - 30m head - Idrosom 8/60M

0.55kW - 50m head - Idrosom 12/60M

0.75kw - 60m head - Idrosom 15/60M

1.1kW - 100m head - Idrosom 23/60M

1.5kW - 130m head - Idrosom 30/60M

An abrasion resistant construction with front wear plate and polycarbonate floating impellers ensures best resistance to wear and tear, providing a durable, long-lasting product. Stainless steel pump structure ensures high resistance to corrosion; compact unit is ideal for domestic use or applications where space is limited.